Melina Clade
2016 -2020

Project Manager: SAFPEM Institute in France & Canada

Text By: Pascal Benberik
Director of Storia Editions
in France & England


Pascal Benberik (Founder & Director of Storia Company in France & England):
New Approaches to Iranian Executive Art is a collection of the Iranian artist works i.e. Melina Clade. This artist could attract attention of a large number of audience and different generations in recent years by carrying out specialized activities on Iran’s artistic works. As the book title shows, Clade’s works are viewed as the advent of a trend in Iran art inspired by prominent avant-garde of world’s contemporary art, irrespective of sheer common imitation of Middle East art. Although there are some other similar cases in other regions of world, intensive studies on transition of Clade’s artistic activities from the beginning and her ongoing participation in Iran’s art performances demonstrate that she is an innovative and modernist artist due to her inherent quality and personal actions.
This book was prepared and released in world by invitation and participation of Middle East and Europe’s Contemporary Arts Institute (SAFPEM-FMICA Organizers Institute) and Publishing Company of Storia Editions in France, England, and Canada. It is worth noting that due to large numbers of artists’ and designers’ works relating to Clade’s activity, introduction of them all was not possible. Therefore, we selected some works of Clade’s art in recent 5 years (2015-2020) and offered some detailed texts of the related artists and projects including 5 main parts. At the end, we are enormously grateful for interaction, sympathy, and support of all mentioned artists, museums, art centers, galleries, designers, and photographers. It is worth remembering that similar activities cannot be carried out without these supports. Hopefully, such projects can offer opportunities for promoting our art and culture worldwide, irrespective of politicization. Undoubtedly, introduction and activities of artists and new-found trends can plan for innovative future of Iran and Middle East art in agreement with world approaches.

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    Melina Clade
    2016 -2020

    Project Manager : safpem institute middle East and Europe
    Specific institute of
    contemporary arts
    in France & England

    Text by : Pascal Benberik
    Direct of Storia Editions
    in France & England